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A Little Bit About us


Having been lying here on my twin sized bed for the past 10 minutes, staring at my keyboard, I think to myself, is there anything scarier than starting a blog?

Even if it’s in the hand of a very close friend, it’s pretty frightening knowing that from this day forward, everything that I put on this website will in no doubt be judged and critiqued. And then there’s the question of whether we’ll receive either success or rejection. Knowing the hours of time that will be put into the Tea Room and with that, still wondering if or if not we’ll even get up to our 100th view. However worst of all is knowing that whatever we write on this site, whatever many views we get, we hold right in our small, clenched up fists the power to influence other people and their lives.

So all in all, how do I feel to start this blog? Terrified.

What may the name be of this terrified little blogger? The answer is Johanna, a teen living in Canada who just like all of you, is trying to survive life. Sometimes, it definitely feels like it’s trying to swallowing me whole.

I enjoy music, I’m a cat person and not a dog and I like really cute fuzzy things. I’m a perfectionist, and pessimist with really bad spelling. I like to sing in the dark, put my hair up and dance all crazy when (I think) nobody is watching. Yes, I get stressed occasionally, yes, I’m sometimes not the happiest person and on the rare occasion, I ponder the question of who I’m meant to be. I know what you’re thinking: I’m such the average teenager. I on the other hand, I am slowly and surely, starting to believe that I’m much more than that.

The Tea Room will be a place where we can let our hair down. Where we can talk about whatever, whenever we want comfortably. We may have our typical stupid blogger topics, but I assure you, our writing will most always be witty.

My goal is to make sure that 5 years from now, when we look back at our old posts, I won’t regret anything.



I love reading blogs, and when I say love, I mean the kind of love with 6 o’s: Loooooove. There is just something so unique about looking at someone else’s words and photos. Having a love for photography (Even though I’m not great at it. Scratch that, I’m not even good.) I love to see the world from another person’s perspective. I believe, that people take photos of things that they perceive as special to themselves. Because this is different for everyone, blogs are like my window, allowing me to see what my neighbor sees and what he or she believes is worth capturing. Just imagine me, a teenage girl lying on her bed with her computer, looking like the heart eye emoji while she looks through blog after blog.

To be honest, I’m actually in quite the rut. I just currently feel as if I don’t have a hobby/passion. Something I love doing, something that sparks something inside of me like nothing else. I’d  thought of almost every avocation until it struck me: I love to read! I constantly have a book in hand and always have at least 5 things checked out at the library. Combining this with my interest for blogs, I decided (not alone, but with my friend Johanna) that we would start our very own.

The name is Aria. I would add my favourite movie, but this isn’t an icebreaker challenge you have on the first day of elementary school. You know what? Instead of telling you one fact about me, I’ll tell you ten. A peek behind the curtain.

  1. My favourite movie is Dumbo
  2. I don’t like creamy foods
  3. My favourite colours are berry pink and light turquoise
  4. I burp with my mouth closed because it feels more lady-like
  5. My favourite scent is raspberry with whipped vanilla and white jasmine together
  6. I really like strawberry shortcake
  7. I eat basically everything except cucumbers
  8. My favourite disney princess is Ariel
  9. I’m wearing a pink leopard print onesie right now
  10. I had pizza for dinner

I hope for my posts in this blog to have my own unique personality infused into them. I’m human and when I’m flawed, I’m real.

Welcome to The Tearoom! Take a seat, maybe grab a hot drink and enjoy all things Aria and Johanna.

Lots of Luck ❤


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