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Our Photo Taking Failure | Johanna

Dearest Blog Readers,

Today, I will be telling you a story of tragedy and hardships. A behind the scenes look of all that goes into creating a single blog post. If you’re not up for that then scoot your way out of here!

Last week, Aria and I decided that we would take photos together for our blog. And so forth, on a windy afternoon, we wabbled home from school, and strutted confidently through the front door to my house with triumph, ready to take on any challenges that would come in our way of getting the best, tumblr-worthy photos.

Boy, did we have no idea what was coming our way.

Before I continue this post, I must mention again to all of you that Aria and I absolutely suck at not only photography, but everything that comes with the process of taking photos. So the way we handled every situation in our series of unfortunate events was not very professional.

Any how, we began our photo taking session with our first ever Tea Room “tea party”. Just before we were finished, I remembered that we had to also take pictures of tea for our blog (duh.) So, after brewing another batch of 3 different kind of teas, we had to go through the struggle of pouring them into cute, stupidly tiny, tea cups.

The result was less than satisfactory. Tea was literally everywhere! And to top it off, the kitchen lighting wasn’t good enough, so we forced ourselves to go to the backyard and take photos there. This ended in me kneeling down on the ground taking pictures, Aria blocking the screen door in attempt to prevent my cats from escaping while twirling the tea’s leaves with a spoon in between takes for our teas attractiveness and both of us freezing our butts off during the entire process. I swear, the runny nose that I got the weekend after was probably due to me standing in my thin sweater and socks on my porch while rotating a tea cup back and forth for the optimum angle.

So, after that great fiasco was done, you’d think that the worst was over. But you would be wrong! We then had to bake cookies for our M&M Cookies post. We’ve both had a bit of experience baking and so for a while so everything ran pretty smoothly… until it was time to melt the butter. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!

We made the stupid mistake of melting the butter in the microwave…along with a bit of its tinfoil wrapping. And by doing this, we may have possibly accidentally caught the microwave on fire.

And being the little scaredy cats we are, we screamed for about 5 seconds in horror before quickly bringing ourselves to stop microwave. And after waiting another 30 seconds in fear that the butter could suddenly catch fire all by itself all over again, we hesitantly opened the microwave’s door.

But it looked like nothing at all had happened. Both the butter and the microwave seemed untouched. No burns, no sparks, no scratches, nothing.

Oh the mysteries of life.

As always, best wishes and take care,



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