I’d Rather be Reading | Aria

It feels like almost yesterday when I was sitting in class, in kindergarten on a scratchy carpet. It was always just after recess and everyone was a little sweaty from running around and (of course) the teacher was telling a story. It was always, without a doubt, my favourite time of the day. Everyone was silent, eyes focused, and captivated. Nobody minded sitting super close to another or the fact that somebody spilled a little juice on himself, all that mattered was what happened to the cookie that you gave to the mouse (you are awesome if you got that reference).


I truly believe this is where my love for stories began. I love to listen. Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk as well, but I favor listening a tad more. Hearing the way someone’s voice sounds and how it starts to get rough after talking for a while. Noticing how they speak when they get excited or if they move their hands a lot or tap their foot. Okay okay, I know, this sounds a little creepy, but it’s true! I like to be observant.


I actually love to listen to people older than me. They can teach you little bits of wisdom through their stories. These tend to be my parents and teachers (people I am often surrounded by). Even if this means hearing my piano teacher ramble on about how cute her cat is. I ask simple questions like: How was your weekend? Did anything exciting happen recently? And when I ask these questions, I love a proper answer. Not just a “It was good…” murmured under your breath. I want to hear it all! Tell me how your dog chewed up your carpet and you became FURIOUS or how your partner cooked you the most amazing meal.


When I was in grade 5-6, I used to go to retirement homes and play piano for the elders. After I was finished, I would go talk to them, continually amazed by their stories. I wish I could still continue to do that if I had the time and I will try to do so over the summer. Truly I tell you, hearing stories are one of the best ways to learn.


Now, stories aren’t always told in person, this is where reading comes into play. I adore reading. I feel as if the stories become mine when I read them. I get so addicted that if I bring a book to school (which I tend to do) I race to read it the next chance I get. It burns through me like wildfire. Reading brings me comfort; understanding; an escape from the real world; and most of all, joy.


I may also have a slight reading problem. I have a schedule for 4-5 books a week, which you can imagine gets more hectic than you would think considering I’m a student. I also am 100% willing to give up social media if it means I would get to read all the time. My library account is also a mess, as I always have at least 10 books out at a time.


Wowza, I made it through! This was such an important topic to me, I just let myself go unfiltered and write exactly how I feel. Now, since Valentine’s day is coming up. If you’re single and alone like me, get a date with a book. It’ll be much more interesting than you would think.


Best wishes and take care,

Aria ❤


One thought on “I’d Rather be Reading | Aria

  1. Love love love this post! And I completely agree with everything you said (my library account is also a mess haha and I always take more books than I should, considering I am also a student). I really like how you described the feeling of listening to someone telling stories. Sometimes,when I have to go to the city where my uni is located and I feel sad or homesick, I go to hotel lobbies’ cafes to drink my tea( an extra pound or two on the bill is worth it) and I always end up talking to old people who’ve travelled the world and experienced life. Their stories are always very interesting,unusual and exciting. So I understand the love of listening a storyteller 😀

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