Story Time | Johanna

I have always loved to write.

The feeling. The way that my fingers fly across my keyboard as I am typing viciously. Or the sounds my pencil makes as it creates friction against the paper. As my pencil makes strokes that form words, that form sentences that form…


It’s part of the reason why I decided to start up a blog. As a very sensitive person, expressing my thoughts and feelings through stories gives me some sort of outlet. It’s relaxing, but there’s a certain urgency to it as the words in your head are escaping onto your canvas.

So I’ll be completely honest. I was busy so I didn’t really have a chance to write. However, as a substitute, I decided to post a story that I had written a few months ago. I hope you enjoy! It’s called The Three Destinations.


The Three Destinations

Within the flourishing village of Rochvale, there once lived a troublesome 12 year old boy. He appeared to be weak and frail, though he was said to be very mischievous, often not listening to his parents and getting himself into much trouble.

On a cold February morning, the boy was sent out to a nearby woods to cut firewood. When he arrived, he quickly noticed bits and pieces of small parchment were scattered across the ground. The ink was colourful, yet smudged and illegible from the wet snow. They boy was surprised to see that when he followed the line of parchment, it soon dispersed, ending at a single wooden log.

Placed on top of the log, was a storybook. It looked to be centuries old, with its pages crumpled and its leather spine torn. On the cover stuck a note. Carefully written in purple pen, it read:


Dear reader,

Made from a single drop of moonlight, this book has the ability of time travel. Simply by pointing to any picture, you may go to any place at any time. But be warned, as there is only enough magic in this book to travel to three places. Choose your destinations wisely.


“Alright, only three destinations,” spoke the boy excitedly to himself. “Only three. After, I will return home.” Amazed, the The 12 year old eagerly used his first destination to travel hundreds of years back, to the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. Specifically, he chose to go during the time of Chinese New Year where he could eat sweets, taste a different culture and dance to the sound of music and fireworks all night long. Though shortly after arriving, the boy realised that he was very wrong. Though the first few nights of music and the first sight of fireworks amazed him, after a while, the boy grew bored of the same sightings every single day. And as the food looked and smelt delicious, he had no money to buy any. When the New Years Festival had ended, the unamused boy decided it was time to use his second destination.

This time, he decided to go to a place of action and adventure. Therefore, he chose to travel to the time of the French Revolution. He pictured himself being brave and fearless, leading troops to war. Though small, he would be mighty, marching to the front of the battlefield and taking on the enemies with his bare hands! By the very end, he would be named a great hero. But when first sound of a single gunshot frightened the boy, he soon regretted his decisions once more. Days dragged on and the young boy began to understand that he no where near prepared for the face of war. The very thought of death frightened him and many of the men he was fighting against were much older, larger and stronger.  

As a result, the boy decided that he should use his third destination. In seconds, the boy knew exactly where he wanted to go.  This time, he would choose a place of peace and knowledge.  The boy had always been fond of art, wanting to travel the whole world to see all different kinds. In particular he had a certain liking for greek art, seeing only pictures of the paintings and sculptures in school. As a result, he decided to go to the country of Greece.

This time, the boy stayed for an entire month, satisfied with his destination. Though after awhile, the boy grew lonesome yearning for someone to speak to. He began to think more and more about his family and home, and how much he missed them.  For this reason, the boy pulled the story book for the once more, wishing to return home. But when he did so, nothing happened. The foolish boy had used up the very last of his three destinations.



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