How to: Look Like You Don’t Have Cats | Johanna

If someone were to ask me what my favourite thing in the world were, the answer would be quite simple. Cats. What’s not to love about them? They’re cute, fluffy, playful bundles of joy! Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies just as much as the next person, but I’ve just always favoured cats. I own two myself and I absolutely adore them.

A brief description of my kittens:

Jada: She’s the smaller and more playful one. If you’re looking for the cat that will run around and play ball with you, she’s the one. In fact, on her dark coat are little permanent brown specks, always making her look like she’s just been outside playing.

Lauren: She’s the chubbier one, who eats up all of Jada’s food. She’s definitely more affectionate than Jada and will lick your hand while you’re petting her, or try to sleep on your pillow at night. She’s mostly grey except for her white neck that makes her look like she’s wearing a scarf.

So why am I writing this post, other than to brag to you about my cats? Well, no matter how amazing cats are, there’s one thing about them that bugs me the most: THEIR FUR. It’s always shedding and getting everywhere: The furniture, your clothes, your hair, heck, I’ve even pulled some out from my food before!! Sometimes, you don’t want it to be so obvious that you hold ownership to your felines and the fur is a dead giveaway. Plus, the cat hair isn’t that visually appealing either, nor is it comfortable.

So, from my 9 years of cat owning experience, this ladies and gentlemen, is how you can look like you don’t own cats.

  1. Don’t wear dark clothes

From my experience, this is the best tactic to look like you don’t have cats. For some reason, no matter what shade it is, fur shows up like neon lights on a dark shirt. If I had a nickel every time I’ve work a black shirt to school and people commented on the grey fur all over it, (thanks Lauren) I’d be rich! Trust me, it’s best to stick to the lighter shades, such as light blues, greys, whites etc. For the times when you really want to wear the darks, simply clean it up with a lint roller.

  1. Don’t let them sleep in your laundry basket

Just don’t do it!! No matter how hard you sympathise with them for how comfy that bed of clothes may look don’t just let them get away with it. You may be telling yourself that all of that fur will come out in the washing machine, however we all know you’re lying to yourself. Instead, store or hide that laundry hamper away or train them not to sleep in it. You might want to consider getting your feline friend a comfy cat bed, or making one yourself. I should also note that letting them sleep in your bed, is just as bad!

  1. Groom them

Like always, if you stop the cause, you end the issue and grooming of the simplest ways to stop the travel of cat fur from getting everywhere. Just give your cats some one on one grooming time 1-2 times a week, depending on the length of their fur. Presto! Less shedding and eventually, less fur on your belongings.

  1. Clean up after a cuddle session

Although the cuddling may be adorable, the fur left over on all of your clothes is not cute. Make sure to wipe all it all off, or use a lint roller or tape to remove the fur from your clothes after your done.


Lots of Love,



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