Ways to Keep Your Summer Memories Safe| Aria

Summer is coming close! With feeling the warm sunshine on my back when biking or hearing the birds chirp as I wait at my bus stop you can almost feel how close school is coming to an end. People are switching out their winter sweaters for tank tops and their beloved sweatpants for shorts.

This will be one of those special summers for my friends and I simply because high school is rolling around and we’re all going to different schools. Hopefully, this summer isn’t the last time we see each other but for some of us it might as well be. These are our middle school memories that we will carry with us throughout this journey we call life, and I want to remember them as clearly as I can.

But after summer is over, you have to fall back into routine. This means saying goodbye to no homework, sunny days. But letting go of the fun you had doesn’t always have to disappear with the warm weather. You can preserve your summer memories easily. So you can remember all the road trips, the stories, the bonfires, and the memories you created for the year to come.

  • Write it down – This option is all about saving the best moments or quotes between friends. It’s kind of like if a time capsule and a DIY had a baby. Get a mason jar for each of your friends (they don’t have to be super pretty, they can come from the dollar store) and decorate them together. Then have everyone write all of their memory-jar-2favourite memories from the summer. This can be a moment you shared or when a quote that you want to remember (For my friends that are reading this, I think we all want to remember the time I tripped over a lollipop and landed on my face). Then cut them up, fold them, and place them inside the mason jars. Over the next year, every time you need a pick-me-up, pull out a memory and smile.
  • Keep the photos– Scrapbooking and photo books have been around for years, but turning your Instagrams into printed masterpieces is the way to go. Collect the  sweet summer_album_image6summer moments from all your friend’s feeds into a book. You can even include all the photos that wouldn’t have made it onto Instagram but are memories that you will cherish. You’ll look back on Summer 2016 and remember all the fun you had. If creating something by yourself isn’t up your alley, you can use services to create an artistic, minimalist book or can print your pictures into a calendar for the coming year.
  • Just Listen– I don’t know about you, but certain music always reminds me of certain times in my life. So gather those tunes that make you reminiscent of summer and burn them into a CD. You can even decorate the cover to make them extra tumblr_nd3c00rhjm1tnx0wqo1_500memorable. I actually didn’t come up with this idea, Johanna gave this to me as a present last year, and I constantly listen to it. It gives of a little old-school 90’s mixtape vibe, but is the ultimate gift if you have to leave your friends at the end of the season like me. They’ll keep it forever, trust me. When you’re working, driving, or even just relaxing, you can pop it in and remember the times you laughed til you cried or when your friend pushes you on that scary rollercoaster and you freaked out all the way up, but ended up finding it wasn’t that scary after all.

That’s all I have for today! Comment below if you have any other ideas on how to preserve your best summer moments.

All the love,



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