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I don’t trust people who don’t like Disney movies.

There’s just something very special about them. Nearly everyone has seen them growing up. They’re simply something that everyone can talk about and bond over. As someone who really likes to rewatch movies, I find something especially nostalgic about watching a Disney movie after not seeing it for a couple years. I don’t remember the entire plot and it’s interesting to see how my view point of the story and its characters have changed, as teen whose perception of the world has definitely changed in the past decade. However, if anything there’s also one specific thing I remember about every disney movie, no matter how long ago I’ve seen it: Their songs.

All my life I’ve enjoyed music. It’s very difficult for me to describe. I just love the way it makes me feel, whether I’m listening to it or making it. I learn songs quickly and remember them instantly.

I’ve been playing the piano for about 8 years now and am able to play the saxophone and the clarinet as well. However, it’s singing that I really enjoy. It started at the age of two. As a very sensitive baby, my parents joked about the likelihood of me having singing career when I got older as my cries were so long and trill. Though when I got a few years older, it turned out that I really did like to sing. I loved children’s songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or” Row Row Row Your Boat” and would sing them constantly. By elementary school, I was holding mini concerts in the car on the way to piano class every week.

However, throughout my singing life, one thing was similar. From the age of 2 to the present day, I’ve always sang Disney songs. Just like they’re movies, there’s something very comforting about them. They all sound so magical and very beautiful.

So low and behold, here is my collective top 5 list of my favourite Disney Songs:

I See the Light: Tangled, 2010


Colours of the Wind: Pocahontas, 1995imgres


Reflection: Mulan, 1998Reflection-mulan-32957017-1904-1071

Tale As Old As Time: Beauty and the Beast, 1991images

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ0ODCMC6xsA Whole New World: Aladdin, 1992A_Whole_New_World


Honourable Mention: I Won’t Say I’m in Love: Hercules, 1997imgres-1


Lots of Love,



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