Things I Just Can’t Handle | Aria

As a child, I was always kind of a happy-go-lucky kid. Nothing bothered me, I only bothered other people (The way it should be). But as I got older, certain things just started to get on my nerves, and soon, BAM I have this kinda long list. My parents constantly complain on how picky I am (Not a picky eater though. I basically eat everything). An example of this is when they come in my room, I don’t let them touch my pillow. Is that weird? Does this happen to you too? Let me now in the comments below if you can relate to any of these, I’m curious!

Most of my blog posts are positive as a relatively positive person, but I just needed to let out how I was feeling. Without further ado, let’s get right into it. Oh! And I promise next week will be a LOT more happy. :))


  • Nails on a Chalkboard

*cringe* Just the thought sends shivers down my spine. I don’t even know what it is about it! Scientists have come up with many theories why humans hate it so much but none have been fully proven. Hopefully more schools make the transition to whiteboards to avoid this issue altogether.


  • When people don’t finish their food

I know you’re full, but chances are somewhere in the world a child is dying to eat the food you’re throwing away. I have one friend that always leaves a little bit of food behind and I can’t take it. Only put on your plate what you can eat.


  • The saying “That’s so Gay”

So many people in my school do this, but why is being Gay an insult? I fully support gay rights and believe this is an issue more people need to stand up against. In the hallways, when working, on the bus, wherever I hear it, I make sure to make the people aware that it’s not a joke.


  • Humidity

Sweaty people and frizzy hair. Enough said.


  • Nail polish smudges

For anybody who puts on nail polish, they know this struggle. You spend 15 minutes getting the perfect coat. You got it all! The basecoat, the polish, and even the topcoat. All of a sudden you get a text from you friend. You reach down to pick up the phone and *smudge* there’s now a little itty bitty spot on your nail with no nail polish. Now you have to take it ALL off and put it ALL on again to get rid of it. If any of you have personally dealt with this, you feel me. It sucks.


  • When People Touch my Stuff

I put it there so I know where it is. It’s how I like it. Please don’t try to organize it or clean it up for me. Chances are I’ll be super annoyed and won’t be able to find any of it later. Not cool.


  • When people chew Their gum too Loudly

URGHH. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Basically everyone on my bus eats gum. Sometimes when it’s quiet all you can hear is the squish of the gum being hit by the teeth repeatedly and for some reason it annoys to hell outta me. Or when you’re talking to someone and they’re eating gum and you can see them chewing it obnoxiously. Ew.


  • Jokes about rape

Once again, this is not okay. So many people are emotionally and physically scarred over this. Not a laughing matter. It’s actually one of my worst fears in life.


  • When people imitate you

My friend constantly does this when she’s annoyed at me. There’s something so cringe-worthy about imitating. Why is saying something in a high, mocking-tone offensive? Why do we get so bothered by it? I don’t know! It just irritates me so much.


  • Negativity

You know those days when you’re just feeling it. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and you go and you decide to go and talk to someone. One thing you must know about me is that I love talking to people. I like hearing their stories and insight on the world. So back to my story, you go and talk to someone feeling like this little bubble of happiness and all they do is take out a sharp pin and POP you. Being so negative, they completely ruin your day. Like I get it, you’re having a bad day? Fine, I’ll leave you alone. But if you CHOOSE to be negative and push that negativity onto others, that’s not okay. I was reading this article about how we are a generation of insults. Think about it! We constantly insult each other so much, it’s even now counted as a sign of closeness. But studies have found that theses insults are actually huge hits to our self confidence whether we realize it or not. It takes 7 compliments to build our self back up after 1 insult. So go and spread your positivity instead! Say good morning to everyone, compliment people and always ask for high fives. You’ll see what a difference it makes in yourself as well as others.


That’s all for today! I hope some of these things are relatable and you enjoyed hearing me rant. Have a spectacular weekend! ❤

All the love,

Aria xx


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