Simple Things to be Thankful for in May | Aria


When you have a routine, it can be hard for things to stand out. After following the same daily or even weekly regimen everything slowly starts blending together. As a student, I often find myself anxiously waiting for the weekend. Though it’s great to have things to look forward to, never forget that if you’re always looking into the future, you miss the things that are happening right now. As a person that tends to get caught up in stress and plans, I’m trying to be more aware of the simple treasures in my daily life. Without further ado, here are 9 small things to be thankful for this month.


  1. Switching to summer drinks (soon)! Ditching your beloved hot chocolate for some refreshing iced tea. 
  2. Warm mornings. Waiting at the bus stop can finally be pleasant. Hearing birds chirp and seeing the grass again feels so revitalizing.
  3. Laughter. We often take this pure emotion so for granted. Sometimes we forget how a funny story, joke, or just the sound of others laughing improves our mood.
  4. The perfect ending to a good book. Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying.
  5. Hugssssss ❤ I have a friend that hugs me every. single. day. I realize now how often I look past it when such a small thing makes me so happy.
  6. Finally finding the lid to the container you want to use. For those of you who pack your own lunch, you know the struggle!
  7. Taking your shoes off after a long day. There’s simply no denying the feeling of freeing your feet and flopping down on the sofa.
  8. Correctly guessing your password. The only thing I can describe this feeling is: “YESSSSSS”. If it’s an old password, it’s even sweeter.
  9. Foggy Windows. Sitting in the car and silently drawing things on the window while it’s raining is just so peaceful.


Never forget to enjoy the little things!

All the love,



4 thoughts on “Simple Things to be Thankful for in May | Aria

  1. As soon as summer hits it’s goodbye hot chocolate, hello fresh squeezed lemonade 🙂

    Unfortunately we had one amazing hot sunny weekend followed by cool weather the past two weeks. Might not pack away that hot chocolate just yet :p

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