Take That Risk! | Aria

Firstly, I missed youuu. I have no excuses as to why I didn’t post, I’m sorry. However, this means that this weekend you get two posts instead of one! *cue cheery music* Yep, just like Oprah would say.


Now let’s get onto the actual thing, shall we?

As said in the last post by Johanna, fears often dictate us. We say no to a lot of things we we wish we’d said yes to. Sometimes we need a little reminder that we’re all human and we need to put aside our fears to become stronger.

I would say I’m not that big of a risk taker. I prefer situations where I’m comfortable and can always predict the outcome. An example of this is talking in front of a big group or talking to someone one one one alone. AN INTROVERT’S NIGHTMARE. I’m completely fine with friends, family or even a situation like this, but I’m never one to talk in formal conditions. My mind blanks out! I actually can remember every single time I’ve said something wrong in class. But lately, and it’s taken a lot of nerve, I’ve been putting my hand up to ask/answer questions. Even though I stutter along the way, I’m learning how to be more confident about my ideas. I’m not letting a fear stop me.

Remember, a risk is only a risk when you don’t know what’s going to happen. It takes an insane amount of courage to put yourself out there. Saying yes to opportunities, and even creating situations where really wonderful things can happen. Even though it’s hard to admit, most of the time, there isn’t someone just standing there handing out opportunities. So if someone is inviting you on that trip you’ve been dying to take, why not plan it yourself?

Make room for life’s greatness! Every single decision I make, isn’t a perfect one. Sometimes they don’t give you instant happiness or gratification,but, they have all contributed to who I am. You will always learn something from an experience.

If you want to make this change but you’re having trouble easing into it, create a pros and cons list. Most of the time the pros will outweigh the cons. If that isn’t convincing you, talk to a friend. Say yes to opportunities! And finally, follow your gut. If you feel a pull deep down within you telling you to do something, GO FOR IT.

Take care, and I’ll see you soon!

All the love,

Aria ❤


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