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Music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to it¬†constantly. In the car, late at night, while I’m working. I also play three instruments – the piano, clarinet and alto saxophone and I sing too. I’m even going to an arts high school¬†for music next year. So basically, music is guaranteed to continuing being with me for the next four years.

Music is also apart of me that I want to share with others. I play songs for my family’s guests on¬†the piano all the time, I teach my sister songs constantly whenever she comes home from across the country to visit. But most recently, I’ve found a really great way¬†to share what I’m listening to lately with others. Two words. Mix CDs.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “C’mon Johnna! Mix¬†tapes and CDs have been around for decades. What you have is not a groundbreaking new idea!” But believe me, my generation has no clue of the beauty of mix CDs. The last peek of this music sharing trend was right after mix tapes went extinct and right before iPods took over the world. So basically during the early to mid 2000s. In fact, I’m pretty sure if I were to survey my peers, at least a quarter of them would have no idea what a mix CD is.

No simple playlist or music sharing app could beat the¬†effort into making a good old Mix CD. They take effort and time to find the rights songs, burn them on and¬†order them nicely so that the transitions are smooth. The CD itself needs to look super cute with hand drawn doodles and stuff on it.¬†And don’t¬†get me started on finding a good, catchy name for it. It took¬†me¬†30 minutes and a¬†list of 10 different¬†possible names before I could decide on “Summer 2015 Jams” for the name of the¬†mix CD I gave to Aria last year as a summer¬†souvenir.

And that’s why mix¬†CDs are a great gift for others. They’re so personal. Each and every one is different. They’ll be used plenty in long car trips or book reading sessions. I also like to think of them as¬†reminders of different times in our lives. Whenever playing an old CD of mine, its songs¬†remind me of the stuff that was going on in my life at the time¬†and the different things I was feeling when the CD was created, whether it¬†be the excitement of¬†trying meeting someone new or¬†the¬†constant butterflies in my stomach of going to a new school.¬†Each CD represents a different era.

Plus, they’re old school and retro with is totally in right now. Which is why everyone should be into making mix CDs

Okay, I just read through what I’ve written so far and realized that there isn’t really a point to what I’m writing. My English teacher would kill me write now. What I’m trying to say is here is that¬†I strongly¬†believe¬†mix CDs should¬†make a comeback. And¬†if they do, I want to be able to say that I was a apart of their revival.

So here, my friends is how to make the perfect Mix CD

1. Choose a themea76c8860a486dd7cbe606db9624fa61c

Your theme determines exactly what kind of songs are going to be put on the CD. Perhaps its a “I just broke up and now I’m sitting at home eating ice cream with my cats,” kind of mix CD. If so, you’ll probably want to put some really sad songs on it that reflect your mood, and the overall vibe of your life at the moment. Or maybe,¬†you just want to make a seasonal CD such as “Fall Tunes” or “Christmas Jingles” On it, you’d put the songs that you are listening to lately. Whatever you do, have fun¬†with it!

2. Get crafty

One¬† option includes having all your songs fade out. Or perhaps, you want to put a funny, inside joke song that totally comes out nowhere on a CD that you’re giving to a friend. What I always like to do is make sure that the transitions from song to song are smooth. For example, if I’m going to have fast and slow tracks on one CD, I make sure my songs work up to the faster tracks and that they don’t just come out of nowhere and scare the listener. This is taking me back to the countless times I’ve¬†accidentally¬†my headphones in at full volume and blasted my eardrums to pieces. Okay, moving on.

3. Explain the CD to whom you’re giving it to585fd45eba638227f2c22c83411f3f01

If¬†your final product is just a present for yourself, skip this. You don’t need to clarify to yourself why you made the CD (although you can if you want to) Otherwise, if you’re giving the CD to someone else, make sure you tell the person why you made the CD and what its about. Be sure to tell them which songs are your favorites, which¬†ones are¬†about a certain people and which are good for¬†dancing.

Lots of love,





3 thoughts on “How to Make a Good Mix CD | Johanna

  1. Hi I’m Trish
    I have been making CD mixes for yours and glad there are still others like me who enjoy it. I welcome you to check out my blog if you want to swap mixes with me or just look at my tracklists to get ideas!

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