Graduating 🎉 | Aria

My dearest apologies for not posting for such a while! It has been a crazy busy month, but wonderful nonetheless. If you didn’t know, Johanna and I both graduated grade 8 with Academic Excellence and are moving onto high school! Though we are splitting up to different schools, we can guarantee that our friendship will run strong. A bond like this can’t break very easily.

The past 3 years of middle school have been amazing. As part of a regional program, we were one big family. And we made it through everything together.

When the graduation ceremony finished the first day, it all felt surreal. I was sure I would come back to school the next week and meet everyone again. We would share jokes and rap Dr.Seuss to the trap version of the Spongebob theme song. We would complain about homework and tease each other. We would complete some amazing projects and get through the drama. But things change, and time goes on.

By writing letters to all my teachers, I thanked them for the things I would be too shy to say out loud. I also wrote separate letters to next year’s graduates telling them how to get through grade 8 and thanked them for making my middle school experience so memorable.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the last time I walked through my school, took notes during class, or sat on the hot, sticky, dreaded bus, because these years were the best years of my life so far. Right when a graduating student would walk down the aisle for the last time, we would all cheer and clap as loud as we could. Right before I got off, I turned around and thanked everyone. At the end of my short spiel I, of course, yelled “DON’T DO DRUGS” before scurrying off.

I’ve always hated goodbyes. But yesterday we said goodbye to everything familiar and comfortable. We have left and are moving towards new beginnings and new starts. Graduating truly meant something different to each of us. To some it was a relief. The feeling of “Finally, I’m getting out of here!” To others, like myself, it is accompanied with a feeling of nostalgia as we look back on all the good times and friends we made. Now we must look into the future with anticipation, and perhaps a little apprehension.

I wish the best to everyone. Every, single, person I worked with. For the ones that put up with my endless blabbering on the bus, to the ones that rolled on the floor laughing with me. For the ones that were scared of glue guns with me, to the ones that texted me late at night to help me with all my problems. Every, single, one of you made an impact. I love you all.

Aria ❤



8 thoughts on “Graduating 🎉 | Aria

  1. This is such a lovely, heartfelt post. I am just now going into 8th grade and I am not looking forward to the goodbyes yet , but after reading your post I realized that I should not worry about the goodbyes but soak in the amazing memories with my friends now. So, thank you for that! 🙂 ❤

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    1. High school definitely will be a fresh start for both of us: new people, new school, new friends! But I’ll truly miss middle school so much, it’s become almost like a haven for me. Thank you for reading xx

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