The True Meaning Behind My Summers | Johanna

The True Meaning Behind My Summers

I can’t believe it. Summer is finally here!

Every teen I know loves summer and who wouldn’t?? Summer is all about relaxing and having fun.

I don’t know about you but my summer lifestyle is completely different compared to what is during the school year. As a person who works really hard in school and gets very stressed at it, summer is definitely my time to catch my breath, and as the cool kids say, chillax a little.

In fact, it’s almost as if I’m two completely different people in the year. There’s the school year Johanna who spends most of her time doing homework. And then there’s summer Johanna who spends all her free time pursuing hobbies, being healthier, hanging out with the people she loves and just being overall happier. Which one sounds more fun to you? Just kidding 🙂

Summer Johanna actually has a tradition. For three summers straight now I’ve created a summer bucket list. Essentially it’s a list equipped with the many different things I want to do before summer ends. As simple and ordinary as they may seem, every year my lists actually have a lot of meaning behind them.

I think that summer, along with its many amazing activities and experiences comes with a huge growth aspect to it. One that affects many kids who are around my age but greatly affects me. To put if short, each summer since sixth grade I’ve spontaneously felt the need to change.

Now before you freak out I’ll clarify a little. I’m not saying that I hate myself each summer or anything at all like that. It’s more of just a sudden surge of empowerment to make some worthy changes in my life. And all the changes that I’ve made every summer have always benefitted me in one way or another.

My need for change of self probably comes from all the experiences that happen during the school year, many that show me that I still a lot of room for improve as a person. In the end, I just want to be the best version of myself.

This summer in particular I really want to step out of comfort zone socially and work on my social skills. I think that one of the little not so good things about being in a regional program during middle school was that I lacked in a lot of friend making experience having basically been in the same class of 50 kids for three years straight. I want to regain all of the experience that I lost in the field this summer in time for high school, which I’ll be going into as a fresh face, with a fresh start, knowing absolutely nobody.

Being a bit more extraverted also has its perks. What I’ve learned is that extraverts due to their socialism are able to have more experiences and be given more opportunities. So I’ve come to think that becoming just a bit more extraverted socially wouldn’t hurt.

Creating a bucket list that pushes me to be involved in more social activities will be able to help me on  journey this summer. So obviously my new summer bucket list of 2016 includes a lot of social actives and revolves a lot around doing new things that I wouldn’t normally do.

All in all, change is inevitable and is a normal part of growing up. And my hopes for the upcoming two months are that my summer bucket list will help me to make the right changes.

Lots of luck,



PS. I’ll probably make an actual post later on of what’s on my summer bucket list for those of you who are curious *COUGH* *COUGH* Aria…:O






2 thoughts on “The True Meaning Behind My Summers | Johanna

  1. Hey girls! I absolutely love reading your blog entries. As a fellow blog enthusiast and studying to be a critic and editor, I hope you won’t mind this small bit of feedback (although, by all means, you can choose to completely ignore it). I think that both of you are extremely talented and poetic writers, but you should try to distinguish your writing styles. Right now, both styles are quite similar. I’d love to be able to tell the difference between authors without looking for the name. Let your own individual personalities sink through, don’t try to fit the blog entry “mold”, by which I mean don’t worry about sounding like every other pretentious writer. If you absolutely love a certain character from a show or book, make some references, or even use personal examples. I can almost guarantee that everyone will still love it just as much.

    Anyways, please don’t take offence to my suggestion. This may just be my lectures (as I have a taken a wonderful course that focused heavily on editing and criticism) sinking through and influencing how I read. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and I try to keep as up-to-date as I possibly can.

    Wishing you all the luck,
    Aleena R.

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  2. Thank you so much for the advice! I feel honored that you took the time to try and help us out. We’re both newbies in the blogging world and any constructive criticism we can get is good. We’ll definitely keep yours in mind for our future blog posts.

    I’m really sorry that this reply is one month too late. I’m absolutely horrible at responding to comments. Aria had to eventually let me know about this comment since I was unaware of it. Definitely something that I could also work on as a blogger. : /



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