How To Make A Space Yours | Aria

Your room, in some sense, is a reflection of yourself. Do you keep your room clean or messy? Do you like things bold or soft? Are you shy or open? Simply by putting things inside that reflect your interests and expressing yourself through different items, colours, and patterns, people can get a pretty good idea about what kind of person you are.

I love to decorate a space. Though this may have stemmed from my obsession with home renovation shows, I like to make my room feel like my own. I just completely re-decorated last year, but I think it’s in desperate need of switching some things up. It’s currently what I like to call an organized mess. There are a ton of books, volunteer forms, and art supplies everywhere.On the walls are glow in the dark stars which I like to look at during the night, whimsical plastic dragonflies, and lots and lots of photos. It’s also a pale blue which, in my opinion, makes it feel welcoming and bright.

My friends, when they come over, always mention how cozy and personal the room feels, and I believe people should put a little more time and effort into enriching their space. So without further ado, here’s how to make a space yours. Though this is mostly targeted towards a bedroom setting, you can try this out with lockers, cubicles, or other areas you own. Enjoy ❤


Start out with a cork-board

I recently just discovered the world of inspiration boards, but I’m obsessed. If you have a small space, don’t want your room to look to cluttered, or are just starting out, cork-tumblr_n7yufl0daa1trso02o1_r1_500boards are perfect for you! They’re a place where you can hang photos, keep notes, add things that inspire you, and hang important things so you remember to do them. It helps me personally, stay motivated and focused. I’ve noticed that making lists, keeping calendars, and having an area where I can just put everything, is important to me as a person. One thing I would recommend is to not only create a daily to-do list to keep you on track, but create a 6-month to-do list to help achieve those long term goals. Remember to keep them short and sweet 🙂 Otherwise they can get a little intimidating.

Choose a theme

4d9f5d6562ea0b35b90ab9c66b2cef08This doesn’t have to be something super specific, just a general idea (this will help you to not have anything clash!) If you’re older and are planning to stay in your house for a while, choose something steady and long-lasting so you don’t have to redecorate your whole room very often (really personalize a cork-board instead!). If you’re a teen, your interests
can change extremely quickly so try to keep things you can switch out easily. My recommendation is to keep nothing permanent on the walls. Instead try sticky-tac or those removable hooks. Also, try and keep your budget low and DIY some things if you know you’ll hate it in a year or two as trends come and go.

Add photos! Personalize it!

Don’t let your desire for a beautiful room stop you tumblr_ns3azywoja1uwhy8oo1_1280from staying true to yourself. If having an  all-white room is what really stands out to you, go for it! However, if you’re just doing it to be “tumblr”, maybe it’s not the best choice. Add personal trinkets, hang up photos, and choose bedding and curtains that speak to you. Also, let your room reflect some of your interests! Let your room be as unique as you are. You can get inspiration, but remember this is your space and not someone else’s.


I can’t believe summer is already half over 😦 I’m not ready for all the stress school brings eep.


All the love,



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