Where Did Summer Go? | Johanna

What I’ve Been Up To this Summer


Oh would you look at that! School is starting next week meaning that it’s officially the very end of summer! Hooray!

Jk. Honestly, where has my summer even gone? Well for certain not much of it was spent blogging…

I’m not going to sugar coat the reason for our disappearance. Basically, it was my week to post but I got caught up in all of my summer activities that I neglected to write for this blog. And since we like to keep our posts alternating, because I wasn’t posting, neither was Aria.

But believe me, although I didn’t post, I definitely had not neglected The Tea Room. The guilt the entire time was massive. I was just too busy.

I’m really sorry for any of you who are actually dedicated to reading our posts. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that Aria and I deeply appreciate all of you. We run this blog out of our love for writing and sharing our experiences, though it’s our viewers who take time out of their daily lives to check up on blog, comment and subscribe that really makes blogging so lovely. Though our viewership may be small, we’re always overwhelmed by excitement after reading a lovely comment on one of our posts. And watching our view count gradually grow every day is really the cherry on top of everything.

So, what on earth did I do this summer that kept me so busy? Well I break it down for you.

Listening to some sick jams


Since I’m going to an arts school this year, I decided that it was time to explore a bit more music. Specifically some different  genres since I’m Plain Jane and usually stick to slower, more lyrical ballads. So recently, I’ve decided to do a complete 180 and try something really different from my comfort zone. I downloaded Spotify as my sister recommended me to do, and tried some electronic, R&B and rap for a change. I’m glad I did because I now listen to both genres on a daily basis and have a more open mindset to new music. My favourites have definitely been Kygo and (this is probably gonna be really shocking for Aria to read but) Drake.


runI’ve realised that I needed to pick up a different hobby, something that wasn’t really art related. Also I’ve heard that gym class in high school is super rigorous and difficult. So I’ve been running about 2 km a day as a part of my morning routine. I really enjoy it as I find that it really relaxes my mind and makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I definitely plan to continue into the school year and build up more distance over time.

Watching Netflix

Because How I Met Your Mother is legendary. No further explanation needed.

Playing Piano

piI had my grade 9 practical piano exam this August so a big portion of my day was spent practicing like crazy. I was super nervous for it but the exam itself wasn’t too bad. The piano though….was a whole other story in itself. It was literally the worst piano I’ve ever played. Big and clanky with weird dynamics and a pedal that makes weird TSSSSSSS sounds when you press too far down. But considering the circumstances….I think that I played pretty well.


cafeI don’t wanna say too much about this because I plan for my volunteering experience to be the subject of a whole other blog post. I’ll let you know though that it was my first time volunteering at a place and I did it at a local community cafe hub. The job definitely had its ups and downs  required a lot of labor and time. Do I think it was worth it though? Hmmmm….

Spending Time With Friendslarge.png

I hung out with a couple of friends this summer but a lot of my greatest memories were with Aria. We shared so many laughs and memories from the times we hung out at eachothers houses, baked, did challenges, swam and went places. I’ll miss her so much next year when we’re at different school but I know I’ll make sure that we never fade away. And this blog will help bond that promise together.

Lots of Love,







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