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Hello all my viewers out there!

This summer I went away to an overnight camp for the first time. I was so incredibly nervous, you don’t even know. I kind of awkwardly was sitting on the bus alone when this super sweet girl named Arabella came and sat beside me. Sadly, she was two years younger than I was so she wasn’t in the same activity group, however we were in the same cabin. After we got of the bus she introduced me to one of her friends named Zach, and we. just. Clicked! The three of us became incredibly close and I still talk to both of them everyday. I can’t tell you how much I miss my entire camp family and all the amazing memories we made there. Even though I only knew them for a week, I bonded with them like nothing else.

Even though I’m still a newbie at this camp thing, hopefully some of my viewers who have also been at camp can relate to a couple of these experiences.


  • All the cheers are basically part of your long-term memory now

tumblr_m64yuvxq601qzn34qo1_r1_1280You will forever remember all the choreography for every song you will do at camp. You’ve screamed it with passion and pride.


  • When you pass the swim-test and walk out feeling like a hero

friends-fun-pretty-summer-swimming-favim-com-404250There’s just something about lake water that makes it feel so much better than pool water. See you in the deep end!


  • Playing cards in your bunk can feel like the most fun thing ever

enhanced-3947-1400176951-12There is nothing that feels more relaxing at the end of a long day. Just spending some quality time with ma girls



Buddies on a branchNo, I don’t know how I got a bug bite there. WHY DOES IT ITCH SO MUCH.


  • There is no bond like a camp bond

tumblr_o2tl4pbyzj1qe6sfko1_500All the teambuilding challenges and campfire bonding made you feel like one big family. Funny story, me and Zach were on the docks by the camp fire one day and my marshmallow caught on fire. So I did the reasonable thing and stuck it in his face. He screamed and fell into the freezing, pitch black water. And he was sooo angry at me, he pulled me in with him! Even though the water hurt because it was so cold, we couldn’t stop laughing. The thing that makes this story not so funny is that we got into a bunch of trouble afterwards


  • The wake up call still haunts you into the school year

7c0b6d241bc30091edf5738147bf54bdI’m too tiredddddd. Too much camp bonding last nightttttt


  • You don’t even think about missing your phone

635823599814617914594368514_campThis one surprised me the most. The first day all I could think about is what was happening back home, but after that I didn’t look back even once.

And so, I highly highly recommend everyone to go to camp at least once in their life. It is such an amazing experience. I can promise you, most of your best summer memories will come within the span of a week or two. Leaving will be so hard after you’ve lived, laughed, cried, and bonded with these people. In some ways after doing all of this in just one week, I almost feel like they know the “realest” version of me. Nothing makes me more nostalgic than thinking about camp, and it only happened 3 weeks ago!

All the love,

Aria ❤


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