Johanna’s Goal: To Be More Efficient! | Johanna

Recently, my schedule has been out of whack. The high school I go to now is a 40-minute drive away, and I’ve joined a bunch of extracurriculars. Most days, I get home around 4:30-5:00 which means due to my new long commute, I’ve lost about 2 hours in the day that I used to have last year. Juggling schoolwork and my social life have been hard and I’ve noticed I’ve started to sacrifice my hobbies for them, doing less of the things such as playing the piano, reading, baking and running.

I always thought it was a time management problem, but after a bit of consideration, I don’t think that’s actually the case. I’m natural planner. I love the feeling of being organized making lots of lists and feeling on top of things. However, like everyone I’m also a procrastinator. Just because I make those lists doesn’t mean that I check each item off of them.

So, the real issue here is that I need to be more efficient. I can’t seem to figure out how much time needs to be spent on each task. I’ll tell myself I’ll spend 2 hours on homework but I’ll end up doing 4 hours because I can’t finish everything in that time period. That’s why I need to learn how to do all of my tasks faster, but still at the same level of quality.

Anyways, the point of me saying telling you all of this is that I want to set a goal for myself. Right now. And to give myself a bit of pressure, I want my blog readers to be my witness. 

I, Johanna, for the rest of 2016, will only spend 2.5 hours on school work per day.

I already anticipate I’ll suck at this challenge. I’ll probably go over the time constraint a couple of times like I usually do, or my homework will end up being really sloppy from trying to go fast. But through it all, I’ll keep trying. And you’ll probably be able to tell when I’m doing better because I’ll start to blog more 🙂

Lots of love,



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