How to Keep up a Conversation | Aria

Even though I say this every single week, I’m so sorry for our terrible uploading schedule. To all our loyal viewers, thank you for sticking by us, we love you so much. In my mind, I never wanted blogging to feel like homework (I have enough of that already!). Your hobbies should always be something you enjoy after a long, stressful, day and I want to keep feeling that way about blogging instead of it being a chore. So instead of blabbering on and on about this, let’s get straight into today’s topic: How to keep up a conversation.

If you didn’t know already, I just moved to a new school and found that when meeting new people, there is so little to talk about! There’s really only so much you can say about the weather. One awkward silence leads to another and soon you’re two people sitting beside each other with this awkward tension in the air. So today my friend, I got your back. After much thought I have found perfect conversation starters to never have that horrid awkward silence and how to keep a conversation going. Your welcome in advance 😉



  • In School/Work

If you’re with someone you don’t talk to very often or are meeting for the first time, talk about siblings! I’m serious! People can ramble on and on about their brothers and sisters if you ask them, and chances are, you can relate as well. Some of the best conversations I’ve had are me and my friend in music complaining about our younger brothers together. It’s funny, light-hearted, and can definitely ease any awkward silences you might have.


  • In the Elevator

I actually had to think a lot about this one. You spend about two minutes in an elevator, and that really isn’t that much time to kill. My opinion, go back to basics, just talk about the weather. If you’re in a hotel, you can talk about the purpose of your stay. But if you’re at your dentist, maybe just talk about how nice it is outside, no one wants to hear about the cavity you have (sorry!)


  • To a Good Friend You Haven’t Spoken to in Forever

Since I moved schools, meeting up with old friends can sometimes initially be awkward. It kind of goes like

“How’s your new school?”

“Pretty good, how’s yours?”


And that’s it! So, after you get over this part, what do you talk about? Other people’s instagram posts. When my friend and I met up, we literally did this for an hour. Just talking about, how people have changed, what they’re up to, and just overall keeping up on all the gossip.


  • In the Bathroom Line

Sometimes being a girl is hard. Actually who am I kidding, being a girl is hard all the time. Especially, when you really have to pee, and when you get to the bathroom, you find out there’s a HUGE line. So to the back of the line you go. For some reason, most of these lines feel like they’re taking forever! So instead of waiting in this awkward silence, compliment the girl in front of you. Not only will she feel flattered, you can ask her where it’s from and definitely pick up one for yourself.


  • At the Hairdresser

Most of the time, my hairdresser and I sit in silence. She always tries talking to me, but I just don’t know how to keep up the conversation! So ask her the one universal question everyone can answer; “What are you up to this weekend?” Even if she says “Oh nothing” you can tell her something cool that’s happening that she can go to. And that’ll get the ball rolling right away.


So there you have it! Now you can avoid five possible awkward scenarios. You have erupted from your cocoon and become a social butterfly. Go fly young one.

All the love,

Aria ❤


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