Visiting the Past | Aria

Surprise surprise! A middle of the week blog post! I don’t really have any funny or motivational messages to share with you today, I just know that I have to type.

I visited my old school today.

I probably sound over-dramatic but today just hit me so hard. High school, high school, high school is probably all you’ve been hearing about for the past 4 blog posts, but it really was a huge life change for the both of us. I was sure I was settled, I was sure that I’ve moved on past my days of middle school, but boy I was wrong.

I know what you’re thinking: “Aria! Two months into highschool and you feel this way?! You’re insane”

But it really was like that for me. I love my school and have never felt more content at a school. I’m in such a caring, welcoming, community, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I have an amazing group of friends and everything has become so known. I’m a highschool student after all, I shouldn’t be wallowing over my middle school days, but I am.

As soon as I entered the door I felt a huge wave of emotions. Everything felt so familiar, it was like I never left.

On the last day of school, I didn’t believe I was actually leaving. It felt so surreal. So while others were bawling their eyes out, I was simply tearing up because of everyone being so emotional around me. Until today it never really clicked that I was leaving for good. High school felt like summer break, and after a few months I could go back to my old school, a place I call home.

But it never works like that.

So here I am, looking back at all the memories. Opening photo after photo, missing everybody and everything. But the worst part is, I know that no matter how hard I try, middle school is in my past. For the first time in my life, I’m not hurrying up to meet the future, I’m desperate to just have one day in the past.

And so, my message for you today is: don’t try to speed time up, live in the moment. When something’s gone, it’s really gone. Enjoy the time you have, bask in the moment. Stop planning for a second and enjoy what you have now (this is so hard for me to say as an avid planner).

So tomorrow, I have to get back up, go to my new school, talk to my new friends, when all I really want is to spend some quality time with all my old people. Most people let out all their emotions on grad, but here I am 3 months into the school year, missing everyone like crazy.

I just want to thank all of our viewers that have actually stuck around even after our lives being a total mess. We love you so much.

That’s all for today,

Aria ❤



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