Surviving Finals | Aria

Whenever I even think about going back to school, my stomach automatically ties itself into knots. I genuinely don’t think I have ever been more nervous. Wherever you are in your educational career, you can understand my struggle of having to go through a full week of exams and summatives right after the break. Even though I’m trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for the torture that is exams, I know when the time comes I’m going to freak out anyways. Here are some tips (almost like a survival guide) to keeping both of us in check.


  1. Winter break is a break. Spend time with your family, get plenty of sleep, and take time for yourself. Even if it is the holiday season, hit the gym. It’ll refresh your state of mind and your physical body.
  2. Even if staying on your laptop all day is tempting, it’s probably more beneficial to study (as lame as that sounds). When I say this, I don’t mean leaving your family to go drown yourself in textbooks.Yes go out with your friends, but know when enough is enough.
  3. Make a schedule! Without my little to-do list everyday, I would get absolutely nothing done. Set time aside specifically for making notes, reading up on concepts, and writing your papers. Motivate yourself, and remember how all of it will be worth it in the end.
  4. Get help! Study dates are my favourite kind of dates 😉 Keep the other person focused, quiz each other, and there’s a person right there if you need any assistance. Your life is full of people that want to help you, let them do their job!


Find out what kind of studying works for you! For me it’s 100% cue-cards however I have a friend that just needs to keep writing it down over and over again. Maybe you’re the kind of person that likes hearing your notes while you do other things. Once you find that one thing that really works, your job gets 10X easier, trust me.

May the odds be ever in your favour. Study hard lovebugs and have a safe and happy new year.<3


All the love,



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