About Riverdale | Johanna


While Aria has input a temporary ban on herself from watching Netflix, due to her latest Glee addiction, (she watched the entire series in like, two months. That’s insane!!) I’ve been binging away on one of my favourite new shows: Riverdale.

Now, I’ve never been a complete hipster when it comes to the latest trends in teen culture, but I was definitely a little hesitant to start watching the show. Shouldn’t I be a little more original and bridge away from a show that’s currently so mainstream? I mean, the fad will probably die down in one or two years anyways.

Lemme just say, thank god that I gave into peer pressure because this show is absolutely amazing.

To start off, although my generation is well past the era, I grew up reading the Archie comics. My parents bought me a couple of them from a garage sale years back when we lived in a smaller city and I remember the hours I’d spend flipping through them, immersed in the picture-perfect town of Riverdale and the red headed boy named Archie who lived there. I remember falling in love with Jughead’s sardonic sense of humor. I remember leafing through its pages that were practically falling out from the spine to find the stories about Betty  because I thought she matched me more than Veronica, and she was just so sweet.

Anyways, it’s clear that Archie contributed a lot to what I recall as my childhood. So when began the first episode of CW’s Riverdale to find that that the once picturesque story would be turned to a dark murder mystery, and cute, dorky Archie would be hot and grow a six pack, I was immediately concerned. Did the new Riverdale completely morph the old Archie into something completely different in order to “better fit” my generation?


Luckily, my view on everything took a 180 by mid episode. I realised that yes, the new Riverdale has definitely changed its characters, but maybe its for the better. These new versions shine a better light to the reality of the world. In real life, small towns aren’t perfect and neither are the people who live in the towns. The new Archie gang now deals with underlying problems that are more realistic rather than who Archie will take on his next date. They deal with mental health issues, the death of a friend, or relationship issues with parents.

And not to mention that Betty, one of my childhood rolemodels, the skinny, sweet and smart girl I once looked up to for being absolutely perfect is not so perfect afterall. That really lifts some weight off my shoulders. 

I truly hope that Riverdale will stay in its  well deserved spotlight for as many years as it can.

Lots of love,




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