My Favourite March Tunes | Johanna


Hey guys! It’s me again 🙂

This month has been really important for me. I feel like I’ve done a lot of personal healing and growth over the past 31 days. And in that timespan, the music I’ve been listening to lately is what has helped me get through with my day or given me a boost of motivation. Recently, I’ve exploring new music through playlists in Spotify, and I’m really happy with what I’ve found.

A lot of the music I liked this month  are still a bit slower tunes, but less ballad-ey than before. I’ve also payed a bit less attention to the artists of the songs. What I mean by this is that I wasn’t deliberately trying to find and listen to music by a specific artist. I wanted to be 100% sure that I liked the songs not because of who they were by, but just because I liked them for what they were.

I’ve noticed that you guys seemed to really enjoy my last post about some of my favourite songs, and I really enjoyed making that post, so low and behold, I’m back with another one! In fact, I think this is going to be a regular thing I’ll be doing every two months or so. So stay tuned! (No pun intended)

A lot of these songs were also inspired by songs I heard while listening to my favourite show at the moment – Riverdale. As a musician, I’m like to say that I’m pretty observant when it comes to the music that’s played in the background of movies, shows, Youtube videos, you name it. And often times, I’ll really like the song and google it so that I can add it to my own collection. That’s how some of the songs in this list have came to be. So if you watch the show and some of these songs sound familiar, you know why.

Here we are! My six favourite tunes this March:

Moonlight – Ariana Grande

“I never knew I never knew

You could have moonlight in your hands”

Only – Ry x

“I was only falling in love”

Number One – Tove Styrke

“My youth ain’t tangled up in bad decisions”

Issues – Julia Michaels

“I’ve got issues

And one of them is how much I need you”

Things I’ll later lose – Lily & Madeleine

“I’ve been hearing things

And I’ve been losing sleep

Cause I can’t find you darling”

La Vie En Rose – Daniela Andrade

“Give your heart and soul to me

And life will always be

La vie en rose”

Lots of love,

Johanna  ❤


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